Militants Blow Up Offshore Facility Belonging To Chevron

The Nigerian Navy said Thursday that militants attacked an offshore facility belonging to multinational petroleum company Chevron, the latest in a spate of attacks in the petroleum-rich Niger Delta region.

Nigeria navy spokesman Chris Ezekobe told VOA that the attackers, using dynamite, blew up the facility that collected oil and gas near the major Escravos export terminal in Delta State Wednesday evening.

There were no casualties, Ezekobe said. He also said he was not sure whether any oil had spilled.

“It’s not completely shut down, but its ability to pump crude and gas has been highly degraded and that also has affected the production of Escravos itself,” Ezekobe said.

A group calling itself the Niger Delta Avengers took responsibility for the attack on its website. The group has previously taken credit sabotaging a handful of oil pipelines and facilities in the Niger Delta.

The incident raises fears of a renewed militancy in Niger Delta.

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