Mrs. Ambode Speak Out Against Rising Cases Of Domestic Violence In Nigeria

bolanle-ambodeFirst Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode, has condemned the rising cases of domestic violence in the country.
Mrs. Ambode lamented that assault on spouses, child-beating and other forms of uncivilised behaviour against women and children is fast becoming the norm, which she stressed must be curtailed.
“How do you explain a situation where the man you married and one who claims to love you descend so heavily on you at the slightest provocation?” she queried.
The governor’s wife advised any woman who finds herself in an abusive relationship to retrace her steps, so she can live to tell her own story.
While rejecting the common and well-worn excuse of societal stigmatization of women who abandon unpleasant marriages, Mrs. Ambode raised the poser that when such woman dies in such a cruel marriage, what then does the society say?
According to her, “Many victims of domestic violence become victims of their own psychological realities. The world of these women is lonely, isolated and filled with fear, with no emotional outlet whatsoever. Sadly, victims wait until it is too late”.