Nigeria Is Not So Great A Country – Sen Adeyeye

Nigeria is not such a great country. And it’s because of corruption in the country. This was the position of the Senate Chief whip Prof Sola Adeyeye.

“The way we Nigerians, including our leaders react to the issue of corruption is an indication that the country is not so great,” he told journalists in Abuja, yesterday.

“Corruption is pandemic in Nigeria. It is in every sector of the economy. Politicians alone are not guilty of these claims. You found it among the legislature and the executive arms of government. You find it among the businessmen, you find it among non-politicians, you find it in the civil service and other sectors of economy.

“I hardly know a businessman who tries to go through only due process to get his contract. Most of them cut corners. What we are saying is that if this persists for so long, it is not because one person is doing it, but because so many people are doing it,” Adeyeye said.


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