NLC Factional Leader In Oyo Demands N96,000 Minimum Wage


A faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Oyo State led by Sule Odumuyiwa yesterday called on the Federal Government to approve a new minimum wage of N96,000 for workers to reflect the economic situation in the country.

Odumuyiwa, while addressing his group during the May Day celebration held at the IPMAN Building in Odo-Ona, Ibadan, said considering the loot so far recovered from corrupt politicians by the present administration, the country is buoyant enough to pay the new wage.

“When Nigerians cry, we feel the pain most. We have been to many countries; we have travelled far and wide and have seen the way other countries are being governed and managing their available resources.

“But here in Nigeria, reverse is the case. It is on this note that the NLC hereby calls for a minimum wage of N96,000, which will fairly take care of the plight of Nigerian workers,” Odumuyiwa said.

When asked how feasible for the government of the day to afford this new minimum wage going by the current economic downturn, Odumuyiwa said the government can afford it if it can prioritise its spending. Workers in the state have not been paid any salary this year.