Read Adaeze Yobo’s profound message to women in abusive marriages


After reading the sad story of the mother of two who was killed by her husband in Lagos yesterday, Adaeze Yobo took to her IG page to share a powerful message to women in abusive marriages.

Source: Instagram


  1. This is a sad case really. The husband must be a mental case. But in the midst of all these, people should not jump into hasty conclusion. There are many men out there who are superb husbands and doing their best to be the best they can be. There are also more husbands enduring verbally abusive marriages due to constant verbal abuses from their wives.
    Just as men should be taught to love wives, women should also be taught that what their tongue is to them is what the strenght of men are to them. Nobody talks about submission again.
    Young people should rather be taught patience so as to avoid wrong friendships and not end up in wrong unions instead of starting to teach married people divorce. Divorce is just as bad.
    We should not be making marriage look scary to younger generations. The key is in the bible. A marriage that has submission from both parties will always last.

  2. Indeed you both are right. Adaeze is right just that most single ladies don’t mind dieying just like Ronke did instead of leaving shamefully that all their ex boyfriends are all married.
    Felix is also right patients is really need by both parties. Married is really scary, I am a living witness with all my submissions and patients my life was really as take till I quit. Now to remarry I am scared honestly. I tend to hate men if u dare raise voice on me let alone raise hands, RIP Ronke


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