Senate Hears Reading Of An Act To Establish The Agricultural Credit Fund

The Senate today considered for Second Reading of ‘A Bill for an Act to establish the National Agricultural Credit Fund to Promote Commercial Agriculture in Nigeria.’

“This bill, if passed and signed into law, will address the current lack of legal frameworks that limit funds meant for farming going to actual farmers,” a statement by the Senate President Bukola Saraki said.

The Credit Fund will also help ensure that local farmers are provided with implementable business plans and are linked to larger companies that will purchase their products. It will also help in the transition of seeing agriculture as a business, not just a social development program, as there will be clearly spelt out criteria for benefits, and fund administrators to guide the disbursement of the loans.

The lawmakers also considered the Report of the Joint Committees on Police Affairs, National Security, and Intelligence, in respect of the unfortunate recurrence of kidnapping and hostage-taking in the country.

The Senate Report recommends a reappraisal of the country’s intelligence gathering methods, a focus on community policing and information sharing between security agencies to curb the rate of kidnappings across the country.

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