Single Ladies: 8 Things That Turn Men Off Completely

Here are attitudes that turn men off, read on.

1. Arrogance
Men do not like ladies who boast about themselves or their achievements. I went on a date with a woman once who kept talking about how famous her family name was where she lived, and how it commanded a certain “respect”, and how I’d be lucky to experience even being a part of that. I got the impression that she thought she was better than people. I’d be “lucky” to experience being attached to her family name? No thanks.

2. Excessive complaining.
Stop complaining about how big your tummy is, or how much you spent on your mother’s birthday last month.

3. Talking without action.
You keep talking about how you need to fix your room, but never do anything about it….

4. Poor conversation.
The dude should not always be the person to ask questions or bring up a topic, say something sis.

5. “Don’t be boring.”
Be current and trendy…. read 4 above again.

6. A lack of ambition. A woman doesn’t have to want to run for President. But women shoukd know what kind of life they want, what they’re interested in, what they want to get paid to do. It doesn’t matter what it is – she could want to be a teacher, or a scientist, or work for a charity, or run her own business, or be a writer, like me. As long as she’s working towards something.

7. A woman who’s not living her own life.
men are attracted to women who are doing what they want regardless of what other people think. Men like the confidence, and the independence, and the fact they value choice.

8.Texting and messaging all day.
men are turned off because they think she doesn’t have things to do.


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