Stop Criminalization Of “Innocent” Fulani Herdsmen – Sarkin Fulani Lagos

Fulani-Cattle-Reares.jpgThe leader and chairman, Association of Fulani Chiefs of south west of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammed Bambado, has cautioned against labelling all criminal-minded persons as Fulani herdsmen.
He made the call against the backdrop of allegations that armed Fulani herdsmen were behind massacres in some communities across the country.
‎Bambado, who also doubles as Seriki Fulani of Lagos State, in a statement yesterday, condemned the quick blaming of “poor and innocent herdsmen for any crime committed at any corner of the country even before any attempt, no matter how feeble is made at unveiling the identity of the perpetrators”.‎
‎”In serious countries, when a crime is committed, the first set of people allowed access to the crime scene are forensic experts, who will comb the entire crime scene, take DNA samples, physical evidence and the murder weapons for lab examination and in less than 24hours, names and pictures of suspects will be all over TV stations.
“But here in Nigeria, the main suspect is usually a whole tribe and the first thing we do is to carry a very big ‘proverbial brush’ and paint a whole tribe, blame a whole tribe, demonize and criminalise a whole tribe and to them, the usual suspects are the Fulani herdsmen!
‎“Twenty four hours, one year and 10 years after the said crime, we will continue with the blame game and running in circles, while the criminals grow wings and strike again and again”, the statement read in part.
‎The Seriki Fulani Lagos State further lamented that, “months after the Agatu attacks in Makurdi, all we have achieved is to label the attackers ‘Fulani Herdsmen’, and if you ask any police man investigating the crimes of Agatu, he will also tell you ‘we are on top of the situation, we are on the trail of the Fulani herdsmen,’ making thousands and millions of Fulani herdsmen out there suspects!”
Bambado expressed further worry that, “after the Enugu attacks, we are hearing the same tales of ‘Fulani herdsmen’ even after the commissioner of police in Enugu State has said the attackers are not Fulani herdsmen’ but ‘hoodlums’ (another vague generalization)”.
The Fulani leader insisted the attack on Nimbo community, Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu State “was not perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen, but criminals with bodies, souls and identities”.‎