Today in Nigerian/African History;17th May


On this day in 2014; African leaders meet in Paris to discuss ways to fight Boko Haram, the Islamist group that kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls  in Nigeria; the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, was seen as slow to respond to the situation.

 Also on this day in 2000; The Sierra Leone rebel leader Foday Sankoh is held by British forces over involvement in civil war increases.
Equally on this day in 1997; Zaire’s new leader Laurent Kabila renames the nation the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
On this day in 1994; Malawi voters stream from impoverished villages to take part in the first multiparty election in three decades.
Kamuzu Banda, one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders who ruled Malawi with an iron fist for thirty years, is toppled from power.
Equally on this day in 1993; Egyptian president Muhammad Hosni Mubarak orders direct-dial communications to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and the Sudan cut as part of the fight against Islamic extremists


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