Why Managing ‘Brand Buhari’ Has Been Difficult – Adesina

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media, Mr. Femi Adesina has been at the receiving end of public censure due to the way he has handled sensitive communications issues. He has now admitted that it has been very difficult managing President Buhari as a brand.

Speaking at the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations‎ (NIPR), Abuja Chapter’s Monthly Meeting in Abuja, Adesina lamented that the major challenge in managing the ‘Buhari Brand’ was the fact that a large number of people who did not vote for Buhari in the last election are still in the pre-election mode, failing to accept the reality that the election had been won and lost.

He also said that the president’s reticence makes it hard to manage him. However, the president has a media team ingenious in the management of the President. He identified other characteristics of ‘Brand Buhari’ to include the President’s toughness, toughness, discipline, integrity, transparency, incorruptibility and modesty.