Xiaomi Just Launched this Really Cheap Drone


Known for its super cheap pricing, Xiaomi has announced its latest product today.

Xiaomi is making a foray into the crowded drone market and has once again chosen to stand out by delivering the cheapest price.


The Chinese company announced its latest product priced at $456 for a model with a 4k camera and $380 for a version with a lower resolution 1080p camera.

Xiaomi says that a pre-orders will begin for the 1080p version tomorrow, while a beta version for the 4k version will be given out to selected users.

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In line with Xiaomi’s usual strategy, the device is relatively cheap compared to other competitors products. Model Chinese manufacturer Dji’s phantom 3 drone, for example sells for $800 which is on the high side compared to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s says that the cheaper model will be “crowd funded” inside the company’s Mi home app from 26 May 2016, while the 4k drone will be made available for early testing via an open beta program at the end of July.


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