10 Facts That Are Too Real For Nigerian Celebrities

This list by INFORMATION NIGERIA will make you remember your favourite Nigerian celebs.

How they look when they first start

The hustle is real

How they look when the fame and money comes


Nigerian celebs and their undying love for skin toning

Na wa

When they become motivational speaker just because they have 5k followers on IG

Just give us good music… daz all


Nigerian celebs and showing off all their prized possessions on Instagram

To impress or intimidate???

How they think everyone is going to start drinking zobo just because they are zobo ambassadors

This is Nigeria not America.

How you try to look for a Nigerian musician that has hit it big and still has a Nigerian accent

Interview in 2009: Pure Nigerian accent Interview in 2016: British and American accent mixed in one

How they hide their relationship with co-celebs

I’m currently single but they be making babies and babymamas daily

Nigerian celebs and their ability to always increase the prices of everything they buy


Will you die if you say the real amount you bought your wristwatch???

Nigerian musicians and ‘London was a blast, Newyork get ready’

Kuku send us plane tickets.






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