10 Types of Nigerian Wives

He who finds a wife finds a ood thing and he who finds a Nigerian wife s no exception. However, INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece brings you 10 types of Nigerian wives, you’ll must like marry.


The Lamentators

Trust these ones to complian, nag and weep over everything and anything. They always find something to lament about. These ones live to complain.

The party goers

This group of wives love to party and party hard. No owambe goes past the weekend without them going to mark the register there. And one unique thing about this type of wives is that, they always have a clique they turn up with.

The fast food group

This group know the best bukas, eateries and restaurants in town. If you are new in town and in need of a good place to eat, these ones would be the best to recommend some to you.


The Lawyers

You always have a case to answer with them.They are also never wrong and are always on the defense. These ones can argue for Africa.

The Shopaholics

They must buy everything trending at the moment whether its the most expensive gadget or aso ebi and it doesn’t really matter if they can’t afford.

The Evaders


This group of wives would always have an excuse every time their husband wants to get a little good loving. Its either a headache, a long day at work or even the insecurity in the North.

Something must be wrong sha.

The cooks

This league of wives have mastered the art of cooking. They cook so well for their husband that he does not even like eating out. Their daily ambition is to cook something that hasn’t been cooked before.

The Onigbeses

These ones are known in the nooks and corners of every street as debtors. They can buy anything and everything on credit.

The reporters

These ones do no report for the regular television or radio stations rather they report for the compound, streets and community. They always have news about everything happening to everyone. They are the ‘go-to ‘ guys for all the current compound gossips.

The meddlers




These ones jump from one neighbor’s flat or shop to the other just to meddle into affairs. They are de-facto marriage counsellors to new couples and advisers to the old ones. They seem to know what’s best for you and will not fail to ram their unsolicited advice down your throat at anytime.

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