12 Hilarious Hacks You’ll Need If Your Girlfriend is Nigerian

Nigerian men are always complaining about how hard it is to date Nigerian women. Truth is, a relationship with a Nigerian girl is not as one easy thing if you follow these 12 hacks INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together in this piece.

1.Buy her good shawarma

A good shawarma takes you straight to heaven and most Nigerian girls love love it. Buy her one of these every once in a while and you would have to doubt her commitment forever.

2.Take her to the movies

This one every weekend or once in two weeks would endear her to you. And what better way to get mushy than seeing a good romantic movie together

3.Send her recharge card

Even though she works and has her own money, the fact is girls will always be girls and we all know that the love between Nigerian girls and recharge card is inseparable.

4.Let her be friends with your people

Yea, let her meet your family. Let her be your momsy’s friend and be able to ping your sister. Trust me, she’ll love you more.

5.Call her bae


Please stop that ‘Amaka where are you now nonsense’. Call her bae, sweet, love, iyawo mi, Nkem and so on.

6.Text her all the time

Text her in the morning and at night and anytime during the day. Follow it religiously like its a doctor’s prescription to save your life.

7.Call her

Never be too busy to ignore this all important duty of talking with her phone when you’re not together. Whether the topic is full of crap, just enjoy it as it comes.

8.Take her shopping

9.Give her your ATM card pin

What’s love without trust and knowing everything about a partner. Hehehe

10.Use her as your DP

Simple as that, it shows you’re not messing around, even if you are.

11.Make her opinion count

Sit and listen attentively when she makes her opinion or suggestion about something and do all you can to make her feel like you would use it.

12.And never cheat

And even if you do… BE SMART.

I know men will be shouting ‘kuku kill me’ now but we bet you’d forever have her if you’d just follow our hacks.