5 Names Naija Girls Call You When They Are In Love With You


Naija girls can form ehn…. but not to worry guys, if she calls you any of the underlisted names, she likes you….dont hesitate to ask her out.

1. ‘Big head’
Dont be fooled, it doesn’t mean you have a big head, she is only admiring the ‘carrier’ of the head.

2. Naughty boy
They simply adore the way you flirt with them.

3. Funny you
Girls love funny dudes, and if you are hilarious, congrats…. you might just be lucky to have a relationship with her.

4. ‘Ode’
It a yoruba word that means fool. Dont worry, you are not a fool, thats the Nigerian lady pet name for a sweetheart….LOL.

5. Mr X
If she adds ‘Mr’ to your name out of the blues, she is trying to give you a signal that she respects you.


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