5 Social Media Sins Preventing You From Finding True Love

Social media could be killing your chances at real love. What’s more is, the death could be a slow and subtle one. It’s like someone adding a dash of arsenic to your orange juice every morning, and you can’t figure out why you have headaches until you just keel over one afternoon.

With social media, you don’t know that the guy you met in the library is looking you up on Facebook and wondering why you like to cross your eyes so much. You don’t know that your aunt told her young doctor that she has this “wonderful niece.” You don’t know if that young doctor checked you out on social media. Here are a few rules you might want to follow:

1. Don’t post so many pictures of yourself

It seems like y’all have about 600 pictures of yourselves on social media. It gets a bit tedious looking at so many pictures of YOU. And your dad. And your roommates. Guys will often look at more pictures of you than they really want to because it’s easier to keep clicking than it is to load the dishwasher or tackle their physics assignment. By the time they’re done, they are bored, and you haven’t even gone on a first date yet.

Keep a sense of mystery. Make the guy ask, Who is this girl? ten to twenty pictures of yourself is truly enough. Oh, and make sure you un-tag any obnoxious pictures your “friends” post of you.

2. Post only your best pictures

You’ve got to take a hard look at each of those 600 pictures and ask, “If people judge my IQ based on this picture, will I be able to clear 65?”

We look good in only 5% of our pictures. We look intelligent in even fewer pictures. Even your typical supermodel must submit to thousands of pictures at her photoshoot. The camera man is just snapping like crazy because only 5% of those pics look good.

3. Get a second opinion
Ask your best friend if the picture is gorgeous or not.

4. Don’t post pictures where your tongue’s hanging out of your mouth

You are not a puppy, so there’s really no excuse. Your mouth is perfectly capable of “holding” your tongue and so please, please keep your tongue parked in it.

6. Don’t post so many cruise pictures

Do you think life is just one big party? Do you live by the song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?” For goodness sake, you must cut it out.

Instead, post a picture of yourself at an event – somewhere where people might take you seriously.


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