5 Things Ben Bruce Had To Say About AMCOM’s Takeover Of His Assets

Ben Murray-Bruce

The Guardian Nigeria had a tweet chat with embattled Nigerian Senator and Businessman, Ben Bruce on Twitter today, June 24th. In the question and answer discussion, Senator Bruce said 5 things that would definitely interest you about AMCON’s takeover of his company and INFORMATION NIGERIA has compiled them for you here.

1. He says he didn’t steal governemtr money but it was just an old loan.

2. That he took the loan to employ many Nigerians

3. That Nigerians love to celebrate downfalls


4.He says only the real estate division of his business is affected.

5.He says if Awolowo could pull through, he will too

And for those celebrating his downfall, he says you celebrated too soon because for him, its not so much a setback as it is a setfront



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