5 Things Husbands Should Accept About Their Wives


Men and women are different. From emotions to communication styles, we simply are who we are and that’s okay. What use to confuse us in the past when it came to our mates, should no longer be a concern. Some have accepted the uniqueness of their mates, while others are still scratching their heads with confusion. Well , it’s time for acceptance. As a result of our differences, there are a few behaviors that men should no longer be confused about when it comes to the special women in their lives. Here are a few:

1. If she makes more money than you
Some men have that old school way of thinking when it comes to finances. They desire to be the primary breadwinner in their household. While there’s nothing wrong with having that want, there also has to be acceptance of the reality and a reminder that it’s not my money and her money, but “our” money. You’re on the same team. Women are now just as interested in leaving a legacy as men have always been. We too want to pursue our passions and live a life of no regret. Our careers provide us a life outside of marriage.

2. If she needs “me” time
Working outside the home and coming home to job No. 2 can be stressful for most women. Your wife needs time to unwind and unload. That time cannot include you. Whether it’s a spa day or just relaxing in the tub, she needs time just for her without any interruption. The more she restores and replenishes, the better it is for everyone else in that household.

3. If she needs a girl’s nights out
This one doesn’t have to mean anything negative about you. Women need the company of other women to share, laugh and just be silly. As much as you may want to be her everything, you usually can’t fill the need that those true blue girlfriends can. Accept it and even encourage her to spend time with her friends. Again, you benefit when your wife has a life outside of you.

4. If she needs you to take over with the children
Being a mommy is usually one of a woman’s greatest gifts. However, like the other roles, it can wear them the hell out. While moms love their children to the moon and back, some days mommy just does not feel like being mommy. They need men to step in and take over.

5. If she makes you feel less important than the children
On the flip side of the behavior listed above, there may also be those moments when she’s only feeling mommy mode. If you ever feel like you matter less than the children, it’s usually because most women feel the children need them more than their men. Children can’t protect themselves; that’s our role. So the women who put their children first do so because they feel they have to. Know that your woman is still crazy about you, but she has to make sure the babies are loved, cared for and protected.


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