9 Qualities of a Good Father

Here is what a father is (no order of importance):

1. Provider

He is a steady provider and works to see that his family has the necessities of life.

2. Protector

He does everything in his power to keep the family safe from that which would injure or harm the family members physically, emotionally or spiritually.

3. Teacher

He shares his knowledge and principles to help family members grow and develop.

4. Friend

He shows kindness, compassion and interest in the family members.

5. Exemplar

He shows by the way he lives an example of what the family stands for.

6. Patriarch

He is honored because of his moral character and actions.

7. Disciplinarian

He helps the children learn proper boundaries and consequences.

8. Spiritual leader

He does his part to help establish faith in God and belief in principles of accountability to him.

9, Treats his wife like a queen

He shows love and respect and lives totally faithful to his wife. He shares the workload as a partner with his wife.

Wow, that is a big list.
Becoming the father you want to be is a journey of small steps. You are never too old to learn and to change where needed. Look at the list above to see if we missed some point you think is important and then make your own list. Use the list as a checklist to see where you are in this journey. If there are a few course corrections needed, then begin with one area and make the small changes you need to get you to where you want to be. Then progress through the other areas so you can be the father you want to be.