(Advice Needed): A One-Night Stand Has Put Me In Trouble, Please Help!


Dear Tee,

I had a one night stand with a girl i met in one of the popular club in portharcourt. Actually, i met her through my friend’s younger sister on that fateful day. I was half-drunk, but i know i slept with her and discharged her in the morning. This girl came back last weekend to tell me she is two month pregnant for me. This is someone i slept with just once. I put a call through to my friend’s sister and she told me to send her away, she said the girl is a prostitute and that she just wants to pin another man’s baby on me. The girl in question has sworn I’m the father of the baby. I’m so confused right now as i don’t even know this girl, so its hard to marry her. She also said she aint gonna abort the baby. Please, what do i do?

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  1. Pregnancy is never a criteria for Marriage. If she says the baby is yours and you are in a doubt then go for a DNA test for proof. I would not subscribe to abortion as it is a serious crime against the dignity of the human person and God.
    If u find out the baby is yours then you have to be responsible for your action.

  2. You dont have to marry her, after she gave birth you should go for DNA Test or if u hv the capability to marry jst marry her and aftr she gave birth go for DNA test, from there you know the consequenses.

  3. P’na’b as spoken n he spoke well. I was in ur shoes too 2years ago. D child is a year old now. I took d responsibility of d child on me n I pay d child monthly bill but I never have anything to do with d lady. She wanted to force d marriage but I insisted. I hardly talk d d lady bcos she is always mad at me being a loser. Till now I am not still sure of I am d father of d child, bcos she never give room for DNA but I know with time d truth will prevail.

  4. my bro,neva let a lady force wat is not urs on u,but if u are loaded with cash there are some hospitals dat can do DNA for baby in the womb. THE EARLIER THE BETTER

    • is like u no like urself.why would u even take d risk of sleeping with woman who is not ur wife without condom?what if u had carried aids or HIV or hepatitis?,pls don’t make such mistake next time. if u had used condom she wouldn’t have called ur name.but d mistake has being done. pls don’t allow any lady to hook u with pregnancy unless u like d girl as a wife not as a girlfriend cos d journey infront is still far.I advise u should wait till she delivers but don’t comit marriage to her.after delivering. u can go for DNA test.


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