(Advice Needed): I Did Her Wrong. How Do I Stop Her From Divorcing Me?

Dear Tee,

I need your advice. I had an affair with an ex girlfriend. It happened when my wife had an issue, which almost tore us apart. I was feeling horny, and she wouldn’t let me have sex with her, because of the issue we were having at that time. So, i slept with an ex girlfriend who wanted us to have sex. We had sex on like three to four different occasions. Later, my wife and i reconciled and i had to confess what i did to her. Now, she is so mad at m for cheating on her, she has threatened divorce and she is ready to move out with our 3 kids. I have appealed to her, but her mind is made up on leaving. I dont want to lose her, she is a good woman. Please, how can i convince her that my actions were mistakes and make her stay in our marriage.

Help a confused brother.

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