Cool FM OAP Freeze Blasts Feminists


On air personality, Freeze has never been shy to share his opinions on any and everything.

The Cool FM OAP has overtime chosen Feminism as his go to topic whenever he wants to go on a rant.

Speaking during an interview with Genevieve Magazine, Freeze whose real name is Ifedapo Oyerinde, said :

The concept of being a feminist is something that denies many women of having a husband. There are no roles for men and no roles for women. When you get to a situation, your intelligence, experience and your gut feeling should guide you,’ he said in an interview with

‘When you find yourself in a situation, you react to it accordingly. If you marry an African man, you should know that you shouldn’t tell him to do the dishes unless he chooses to help you out. I can mention quite a few feminists. Rather I would give a quote from ancient Rome that says, ‘Women rule the world; but not by stomping down their pretty little feet.’

Freeze also stated he would never settle down with a feminist because to him, women are asking for too much and are manipulative in nature.

‘Women that have ruled the world have done so by manipulating men and using what they have to get what they want. Demanding authority doesn’t work. I am not a feminist and would never marry one

‘Women need to be careful not to create an imbalance in the society because it would be at the detriment of their children.
‘Let’s be careful not to create an imbalance that will turn Nigeria into another America where everyone has a mum and no daddy.


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