Don’t just tell a story, tell a picture story. Day One #C9JA

“No, you don’t need your DSLR camera, use this (the CAMON C9 smart phone) it’s a lot more pocket friendly and even better than that your camera” so said my colleague as he helped me out with my travel list.


Everyone is in high spirit, the journey is about to begin…


All pictures taken with the CAMON C9 smart phone


Five minutes later and we are set to join the C9JA tour and o boy what a travel party we are. I have always wanted to travel Nigeria and soak in the sights and sounds of this vibrant country but my word; I didn’t see that dream come true in company of some really exciting personalities.


We set out and our first stop, the ancient city of Ibadan


I think it’s time I properly explain what the #C9JA tour is all about. Let’s start by trying to pronounce the word ‘C9JA’ and you get the sense it sounds more like SEE-NAI-JA right? In a nutshell, that’s the whole point. #C9JA is an adventurous journey across Nigeria with the aim to tell picture stories of beautiful life moments captured in photography. All this is made possible by the revolutionary camera technology behind the new TECNO CAMON C9.


I love my travel party…


It is one thing to travel around Nigeria to visit beautiful scenes and have fun times at different places but it’s a whole different feeling when you do the same thing in the company of amazing personalities. #C9JA placed me on a bus right with the likes of VJ Adams, the social media queen, socialprefect and yeah, I also got to fondle the new TECNO CAMON C9 pushing its amazing camera to limits with my photography skillsJ


To the Zoo we go…


University of Ibadan play hosts to the ancient city’s zoo. So, my jolly troupe decided to pay the zoo a visit.


Check out the wide angle shoot

Next, the garden of love…



CAMON C9 comes with 13.0MP selfie camera shooting 83° wide angle and 120° panoramic shots


The idyllic Agodi Garden welcomed us into its loving arms and we basked in its scenery and calmness. I took time out to practice my selfie shoots-the first didn’t come out that bad. I think I should smile a little more oftenJ



Nightfall and CAMON C9 camera shoots low-light…



It’s actually really dark but the CAMON C9 camera made a piecemeal of it…cool

We still have a journey ahead of us

Abuja, Calabar, Enugu and lastly Lagos are still cities we have to make stops but I will focus my energy right now on our second day in Ibadan-also our last day.

Let’s all wait and see.

Ibadan, it’s one more day to go. I’m already missing this place.


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