Facebook Will Relaunch Safety Check Feature

Social network Facebook is set to test a safety check feature months after it first introduced it. Facebook first launched the feature in the wake of the Paris bombing and it basically allowed people to reach out to friends in Paris and check if they are safe.

The company then faced public censure for failing to extend the safety check tool to other troubled areas of the world.

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In a statement by Peter Cottle for Facebook, the company disclosed that they’re changing the way the safety tool now works.

“We needed an approach that could handle this range of population sizes with both accuracy and speed, but also remain rock-solid and ready to launch at a moment’s notice”

The statement went on to say As our efforts ramped up, the team began solving the technical challenges associated with more consistent and frequent activations,”

“In order to create a system that we can launch anywhere at a moment’s notice, we scaled our infrastructure to handle larger events more efficiently and automated many of the manual steps previously required for activation.”


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