How Brexit Would Affect Game of Thrones filming

Brits have voted in favor of Brexit: British exit from the European Union. That means that in the coming months, British and European leaders will begin negotiating the terms of Britain’s departure.


Despite fears that the British exit would cut off funding for Game of Thrones location shoots, HBO says production on the popular show won’t be affected.

“We do not anticipate that the result of the EU Referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game of Thrones,” the network said in a statement, Entertainment Weekly reports.


The initial concern came from the fact that one of the show’s major shooting locations is in Northern Ireland, and it benefits from the European Regional Development Fund, which is part of a European program to incentivize film production in Europe. So with the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, that funding could get cut off. But according to Entertainment Weekly, HBO hasn’t taken money from the fund in recent seasons of Game of Thrones.


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