Interesting: Catch A Man That Cheats On You With This Technology


So, I attended a women empowerment prpgramme last week, and i was oppourtuned to know about car trackers. The speaker talked about a device which help you know the exact location where your car is. All you have to do in case of robbery is to call a particular number, tell them the particulars of your call, and viola, they would track the exact location of your car. Aside this, he talked about a mobiliser which stops your car from being taken further away, after its location has been tracked. Robbery aside, you could use it to monitor wbere your car is with your driver.

Then, in order to lit up the building, he said they could probably develop men trackers in the near future and all the women said yaaaaaay! They wanted a device that could track the location of their husbands, fiance and boyfriends. As if that wasnt enough, i was surfing the internet and i came across this news that said a particular company(name withheld) has announced a November launch for a product designed to stop cheaters in their semen-covered tracks. All you have to do is to just get your guy to slip this chip into the tip of his penis (here is where I started laugh-crying and never stopped). Then, put a similar chip in your vulva, download the app to your smartphone and presto, sexo, you’ve got constant access to his doodle and all of its activities.

Can you imagine being at work, leaning in hard and leading a meeting about last month’s targets and your phone vibrates. You glance down, adjusting your suit jacket and see “YOMI IS PORKING SOME STRANGER” flashing on your screen. Gosh! That would hurt so bad!

INFORMATION NIGERIA readers, what is your take on the penile microchip device? Men, would you wear it to allay her fears of you cheating? Ladies, do you want your man to wear this, so you could monitor his activities? Tell us in the comments box.