Is Buhari Vindictive? Here’s What PDP Is Saying


PDP Nigeria

As mixed reactions continue to trail the freezing of the personal account of Gov Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State and AMCOM’s taking over of companies belonging to Businessman cum Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce both of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, the PDP in a series of tweets on June 23rd reacts. INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the scoop in this piece.

1.The party has said the only reason the government went after these people is because they have always been outspoken against the government.


2.They also stated that our democracy is under threat as a result government’s action of trying to silent any opposition that speaks against it.



  1. Is it really witch hunting and silencing the voice of opposition or allegations against these people were thoroughly investigated and prosecuted in the court of law? Monies are being returned day in day out and all the mentioned individuals by the PDP have not been able to prove their innocence. I think PDP should give us a break!