Kemi Olunloyo: “Jide Kosoko Should Be Investigated For Ritualism & Occultism”


Kemi Olunloyo calls for investigation into ritualism after actor Jide Kosoko’s wife died, making it the 3rd time he is losing a wife.


Source: Facebook


  • Someone should shut up this woman’s mouth. You are an apostle of doom. You have never seen anything good to say about people. Jide Kosoko need our condolences not condemnation. Kemi, your head should be examined. I believe your insanity has reach level 9. Go get life. Shio.

  • I saw a video on YouTube where this clown was berating Linda IKeji for wrecking his cousin’s marriage to one mediocre American DJ, also went on to say that Linda got the money for her mansion from Dasuki. What a load of codswallop!! Yeah Linda does not sell banana, she sells ad for a living. Get over it, whore.

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