Kenyan socialite Pesh Munyithya left to rot in Kumasi jail

These are difficult times for Kenyan socialite Peninah Lema Munyithya, popularly known as Pesh.


As you read, the bootylicious Beauty is still in a Kumasi jail after she was busted smuggling drugs into the country in July, 2015.

According to Nairobi News, she is one of 5 Kenyans who are being held in Ghana for drug related crimes, the first being back in 2009.

Kenya’s acting High Commissioner in Nigeria Silas Kiragu confirmed the arrest through communication with Kenya’s consular office in Ghana.

“Peninah Lema Munyithya was arrested on July 9, 2015 for drug trafficking and according to the records at our office, by March 2016 her case was still ongoing and she was yet to be sentenced,” Mr Kiragu told Nairobi News on phone from Nigeria.


Her socialite career started back in January 2015, thanks to photo sharing site, Instagram. Via the medium, Pesh was able to share nude photos that trended on social media.


Within months, she became famous and started embarking on expensive trips around the world. Unfortunately, the long arm of the law caught up with her moments after landing in the West African country in 2015.

See more photos she shared on Instagram.



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