Ladies: 5 Cool Tips For Pooping In Your Guy’s House

So, in an earlier post, we talked about how to poop politely at your office. What if you are at your guy’s (and you just met this dude) and you feel something brewing…. awkward, right? What do you do? Hold in the poo and sweat it out? LOL… I guess not, especially if you are really pressed or you experiencing running stomach…. here are cool tips to pooping in your guy’s place witout feeling embarrassed. Thank me later!

1.Run the water. The sound of running water is loud enough to block any sounds your guy might hear.

2. Open a window. You’ll diffuse a stinky poop faster.

3. Do a courtesy flush…or three. Whatever it takes to clear the evidence and take the stank out of things.

4. Sprtiz air freshener. If his bathroom doesn’t have any, look around for anything in an aerosol can—even deodorant—and give the bathroom a few spritzes.

5. Make light of the situation. So if you have to ‘fess up that you’ve fouled his toilet, do it with subtle humor. Say something like, ‘I’d wait an hour before going in there if I were you,’ smile, and make it seem like it’s no big deal. Chances are, it won’t be to your guy.

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