Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Another AGIP Facility


The Niger Delta Avengers have blown up another AGIP oil facility on Friday. Reports indicate that the attack on an Agip Eni crude oil pipeline in Bayelsa state occurred in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Niger Delta Avengers had carried out an attack on an Agip facility as well as Chevron facilities in the span of two weeks as they continue to insist that they will bring the Nigerian government to its knees

The group claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack via their Twitter page as the Nigerian government appears indecisive about how to handle the militants


  1. If nda. Can be. Sufering all Nigerians just bcos of their useless agitation.i think it’s high time all d niger deltans should pack all their belongs and go back to their warned! Be warned!! Be warned!!! Ijaw..irobo..itshekiri..leave d south west and d north.go back to ur state..