Non-Payment Of Salaries Constitutes Crime Against Workers -NLC To Mimiko

Olusegun MimikoThe Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has followed up his open letter to Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State with another to his Ondo State counterpart, Olusegun Mimiko, urging him to put the necessary machinery in place for the payment of salaries and pensions of striking workers in the state.
Workers in Ondo State embarked on strike last Wednesday to protest non-payment of five months salaries and pensions.
A meeting between the governor and leaders of the organised labour in the state on Thursday ended in a deadlock as both sides failed to reach a compromise.
Wading into the issue, the NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, in a June 5 letter, pleaded with Gov. Mimiko to personally intervene in the payment due to the striking workers.
Just like the letter he wrote to Fayose, Mr. Wabba told the Ondo governor that the NLC was not unaware of the present socio-economic challenges confronting the country.
“However, in our estimation, this should not be an acceptable reason for not paying five months salaries and pensions at the level of the state, and four months salaries and pensions at the level of local government and teachers”, the letter read.
“Sir, you do not need a lecture from anyone, to know that non-payment of salaries and pensions for months on end, constitutes a crime against the workers, pensioners and their families whose lives and obligation to Man and God and their sense of self-worth have been put in jeopardy.
“As one with activist background and one with whom we have had collaboration, these issues are clear and self-evident, and therefore need no belabouring”, the NLC president said.
The union also informed Mr. Mimiko that at this critical time there were limited choices, which would include taking a critical look at government expenditure especially in the areas of political appointments, patronage and allied costs.
“We similarly call for the renewed drive in the internally-generated revenue. We have reason to believe that when these initiatives are complimented by the bail-out funds released by the Federal Government, the twin issues of salaries and pensions will not be such a burden”, the labour leader suggested.
“As we noted in our letter to you on the 40th anniversary celebration of Ondo State, you have left a legacy. We urge you to do all that is necessary to sustain this legacy.
“Accordingly, we will not relent in urging you to put in motion the necessary logistics for the commencement of the payment of these salaries and pensions”.

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