PDP Prays For President Buhari

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday conducted special prayers for the good health of ‎President Muhammadu Buhari, pleading with God to grant him speedy recovery.

The president had on Monday travelled abroad for a 10-day rest during which he will seek medical attention for a recurring ear-infection.

Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, who offered the prayers for President Buhari at a ceremony for the official takeover of the running of the party by the National Caretaker Committee appointed at the May 21, 2016 national convention in Port Harcourt.

“Let me quickly remind all of us that our president is at present not feeling well and has been flown abroad for treatment. So, I will like to invite you to rise, let us say one minute of prayer for his quick recovery.”

Speaking to party members, Ekweremadu said: “Our dear party men and women, this is a new day and a great day for our party. What we are witnessing today is a PDP with a new spirit: spirit of togetherness, love. We are going to give this new spirit a new body.

“We must apologise for certain institutions and aspects of our national life. We are worried and sorry about the dwindling fortunes of our currency. But we want to assure our currency that by 2019, you will be strong again. Our economy, by the time we left in 2015 was the strongest in Africa. Today we sympathise with that economy. But we want to assure our economy that you will be strong again not only in Africa but in the whole world.”