PROFILE: The Curious Case Of Kemi Olunloyo, Daughter Of Ex Governor Of Oyo State.


She has singlehandedly taken the role of the villain; lousy and provocative. She once boasted of being the first Nigerian to open a Facebook account in 2003. When a well-respected actor in the country lost his wife from a third marriage; she ignorantly suggested he simply organized her death for money rituals.

All these traits epitomize Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of the former governor of Oyo state.

Even her father did not escape scrutiny. In a series of tweet last year, she wrote:



Born into the aristocrat family of Victor Omololu Olunloyo, the former Governor of Oyo state, she is the second of ten children.

“She was shy and afraid of touch while growing up,” a close relative, who asked not to be named in this article, disclosed to this Information Nigeria reporter via a text message.

“She enjoyed being alone.”

Yet, make no mistake; it hasn’t been all negativity and doldrums for Kemi, nicknamed “snitch lady” by her angry critics.

A pharmacist and popular journalist, she has left her trademark on everything from gun violence, health, prostitution, music and even, terrorism.

Because of her incredible duty on her global music blog HipHossip Canada, she was identified and chosen by BET ( Black Entertainment Television) as their Canadian based hip-hop correspondent for a show “The Deal” about rising hip-hop stars.

She has appeared as a columnist, reporter and journalist for the giant news networks, including CNN, BBC, CTV News, and NTA, discussing about health and terrorism topics.

So it is puzzling for a woman, who has made positive impact in sensitive cultural issues in Nigeria and abroad, suddenly, changes her views and norms.

“She is the Nigerian Donald Trump,” Mimi, a master’s degree holder in Sociology from Benue State University suggested.

“Same behavior, same goal, to wind people up.”

Segun, a blogger and ardent lover of Yoruba movies had a similar view.

“She does her thing by insulting people for popularity,” he said.
Appalled by her scathing attack on Jide Kososko, the popular Nigerian actor who lost his third wife recently, he continued.

“She crossed a line by insulting and accusing a grieving man, more worse with no proof.”

A respected Journalist who has reported stories for the big media organizations, suddenly overly arrogant, dangerous in opinions, and her poor conduct to criticism is simply amusing:

In 2015, in an interview, Kemi, a 2014 Social Media Awards Africa’s Social Media Influencer of the Year nominee, pouted to anybody who cared to listen that she earned between $50 to $150 (About 15,000 to 42,000 naira) for tweets about her so-called foreign clients.

And when a fan on her facebook page questioned if she was actually present for an event in Toronto that she claimed to be in this year, following her own rhythm, Kemi replied:

“You are an idiot I was in Toronto. Foolish person. Unlike my page”



  1. Sincerely speaking, this Kemi Olounloyo is growing wild and she needs to be controlled. But seriously, Jr made me so sad watch time I read her tweets against someone that someone in her category, highly educated, traveled and born of a noble man can be so loose like Kemi olunloyo! It’s a pity that madam Kemi is now going mad.

  2. Hmmm what a free world, you can imagine what a girl is doing all in the name of fame, and riches (wealth) . Its a pity because u re saying all that rubbish word, nd doing or what you do because you are ignorant of what these world is all about. The Bible says do not answer a fool according to his folly so u both will not be see as a fool, but the next verse says and i quote Answer a fool that is you KEMI according to his folly so u will not think u re wise. If you do not repent the rout of God will fall on you and destroy you dirty pig. Do u know what u re dust. Shameless prostitute. You are not yet marry but u ve baby nd Men re nothing, you are suppose to go and adopt nw. You loving having sex with young guys but still yet Men re nothing, you are the most foolish human being in these our present century. Just because you are from a wealthy family. if u don’t repent, God will bring you down to the extent that, u will not even be bank account talk more having any money in it. Dirty pig (kemi).

  3. This article is very inaccurate. Kemi was NEVER shy growing up. She never liked to shake people because she thought everyone carried germs as they urinate in public and did not wash their hands. I grew up with her. She likes being alone and does not make friends. She trusts nobody and mentioned that on Facebook. Angry critics didn’t name her snitchlady. A Canadian murderer she turned in named her that. Nigerians are too busy yapping her while she’s cashing in on social media.


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