Shaibu Amodu’s Cousin Reveals How Ex-Coach Died!

Amodu Shaibu

Barely three days after the death of ex-Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi, the Nigerian Football Federation made a shocking announcement of the death of another former Super Eagles coach, , Amodu who has had four spells as the coach of the Nigeria football team was said to have complained of chest pains on friday.

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Several sources have reported that a cousin of the Edo State born sportsman named Akuri Afegbua has revealed in detail how the former coach died.

Afegbua said Amodu died after complaining of pain in the left side of his chest.

He further mentioned with teary eyes that the former NFF Technical Director was frustrated by the NFF and the Edo State Government on the issue of his non-payment of his financial entitlements.

Afegbua also said that Shaibu complained on how his financial status had made it difficult for him to attend to his needs and that of his immediate family.
According to him, Amodu ‎went to Benin to demand the payment of his outstanding entitlements before he died.

Afegbua said, “I think the purpose of him being in Benin was to put in a bill for his payment, both NFF and the state government.”

‎He also made it known that the late coach had suffered from high blood pressure in the past.

“We were together yesterday. In the afternoon, he called to say that he was feeling some pain in the left side of his chest and he called in a doctor.

“The doctor test him; he had 140 over 100 as his blood pressure. The doctor said that it was not bad, he could continue with his fasting,” he explained.

He also mentioned that the ex- Super Eagles coach did not show any signs of ill health on Friday when he aided one of his uncles to secure bail at a police station.

He stated that Amodu led the prayer to break the fast on Friday, before he was shockingly found dead at about 4am on Saturday.