Today in Nigerian/African History;18th June


On this day in 2014;okada mechanics stormed former Lagos state Governor’s office Babatunde Fashola and protested seizure of motorcycles.

Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja was pralaysed by commercial motorcycle (okada) mechanics over claims that policemen arrested and impoundment no fewer than 1,000 motorcycles from their workshops.

The mechanics claimed the policemen, while enforcing the Road Traffic Law 2012, would storm workshops where motorcycles were being repaired and impound any okada they saw.

The state government enacted the Road Traffic Law 2012, aimed at returning sanity to roads in the state.

Also on this day in 1896;Bernard Mizeki (known as Mamiyeri Mitseki Gwambe) Anglican missionary and African martyr was murdered at his mission in Marandellas, Mashonaland, Zimbabwe.
Equally on this day in 2000Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a cease-fire, ending their month-long war.
Also on this day in 1894;Lord Rosebery, British foreign secretary, formally declared Uganda a British protectorate.
And on this day in 1953;Egypt became a republic with Gen. M. Neguib (also Naguib) as president.




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