Touch Your Man In These 5 Erogenous Zones To Get Him Hot In SECONDS

Take these tips to the bedroom with you and give him the time of his life. lets learn about some of the most powerful erogenous zones for men apart from his penis and balls.

1. His perineum
The perineum is that rough patch of skin located between your man’s balls and his anus. You can stimulate it in a number of different ways. One way is to gently press it with your fingers. Another is to softly rub your fingers over it. Yet another is to very lightly drag your fingers over it, almost like you’re tickling it.

2. His anus

I know that not every girl out there will want to play around with their man’s anus. Heck, some men will be a bit hesitant, too. But the simple fact is that your man’s anus contains a ton of nerve endings that, when stimulated, provide him with a lot of extra pleasure, making it a very powerful male erogenous zone that you should know about.

3. His neck

Why don’t more women use this to their advantage? Your man’s neck is just as sensitive as yours, if not more. As well as this, there are a ton of different ways you can stimulate it. Obviously you can kiss his neck. Licking is a slightly hotter way to stimulate it. Just use your tongue to lick him all over the side of his neck. Even hotter than licking can be sucking your man’s neck. Simply purse your lips on a patch of his neck and start sucking. Just make sure that you don’t go too crazy with sucking

4. His ear lobes

Your man’s ear lobes (or the very bottom of his ears if he doesn’t have ear lobes) are an incredibly sensitive male erogenous zone. So try kissing, licking, sucking, biting (gently) and tickling it.

5. His scalp

The scalp is a very powerful male erogenous zone. Not only that, but you can touch,massage and scratch his scalp pretty much anywhere in public without it seeming weird.

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