UNILORIN VC Blames CAN For Osun Hijab Crisis


The Vice chancellor of the University of Ilorin, Professor Abdulganiyu Ambali has blamed the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Osun state chapter, for the recent religious crisis in the state.

According to him, a court h=judgement had allowed Muslim students to wear Hijab to school; CAN should have appealed the judgement in court instead of resulting to self-help.

Speaking on Wednesday at the opening ceremony of the conference on Law and Religion held in the university auditorium, he warned that it was unacceptable to use antics of religion to violate the law.

“‎Rather than appeal the judgement and use the law, the Christian Association of Nigeria (Osun state chapter) resorted to self help saying Muslim girls cannot wear hijab in public/christian schools. CAN directed pupils to go to school in their choir gowns and thereby violate the approved school uniforms.”

“There was tension that has now simmered as harmonious co-existence and healthy ‎development became threatened by the antics of using Religion to violate law when law was seen to be consistent with religion.

“However, when religion appears to be a tool in the hands of lawless men,harmonious co-existence is undermined and development is compromised,” he stressed.

Professor Ambali, therefore, urged Nigerians to stay away from religious crisis in any form because it compromises development.


  1. The law should work for the both people not 4 only one ##if d Muslims wears ijab to school that means we christains too can do d same #stop fooling urs self## uniilorin VC ##stop being a ass

    • The VC is right. Many of these pastors are illiterates. The judiciary is an arm of govrement. The Oracle has spoken. Why not go back to the same court to appeal. This is what Jesus taught. We should obey constituted authorities. After all, court orders have favored Christians before. This is pure disobedience and this us not how I was taught a Christian

      • @Bone it now shows ur level of illiteracy, why are Muslims over d world fighting for their gods, does it mean he’s a powerless God? Yes he’s. Let d God Islam fight for himself if really he’s a genuine go’s. The VC is a fanatic n fantastically wrong in his right senses.

  2. I totally disagree with the VC. Y in the first place will a court pronounced such judgment, knowing fully well that this country is not one religious country. Even if the traditionalist want their children to be putting on their own regalia, they are permitted. The VC is speaking dis way because he’s fanatic jux as the Governor of the state of Osun.


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