WATCH: New Trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’, Season 6, Episode 7

After an hour that worked mostly to set the stage for future events, the seventh episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season looks to focus on several highly-anticipated confrontations.

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Titled “The Broken Man,” the upcoming installment of the fantasy drama appears to delve deeper into conflicts that have long plagued the residents of Westeros and Essos.


Based on the new promotional trailer released by HBO, Sunday will feature Jaime coming face-to-face with the Blackfish at Riverrun, Margaery returning to the Red Keep, Cersei dealing with the implications of Tommen’s alliance with the High Sparrow, Jon and Sansa negotiating with the northern houses and, last but not least, Arya becoming someone else — hopefully to escape the House of Black and White once and for all.

Watch the Trailer here:


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