Woman Trader Beheaded By Angry Muslim Youths In Kano Over Blasphemy

BlasphemyLess than a week after four persons, including a 24-year-old trader were killed in religious violence that broke out in Pandogari, Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State, a woman trader has been beheaded by angry Muslims youths in Kano over allegations that she blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.
The victim, whose identity was not disclosed but said to be of Igbo extraction, was accused of blasphemy during a religious argument at the popular Wambai market on Thursday evening.

The woman, who deals in plastic wares at the local market, was reportedly in company of her husband when she was attacked by the angry youths and beheaded.
But for the intervention of the police, the same fate could have befallen the husband, who witnessed the unfortunate murder of his wife by the youths.
Contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Kano Police Command, DSP Musa Magaji, confirmed the incident.

He said ” At about 4 30 pm, there was a disagreement between the murdered woman and some traders bordering on religion.

”The woman was said to have blasphemed Prophet Mohammed, which did not go down well with the mob”.


  1. These Muslims are too violent. Just because of mere religion argument slaughtered that woman in question. God’s anger will visit them one by one. They won’t escape God’s wrat

  2. Our God is a God of justice. Check your records of the scripture those who took to violence against the innocent will not escape God’s wrath except they repent. Even though the death of Christ was divine, Judas later committed suicide. The city that oppressed Israel never escape God’s wrath even when the punishment was divine. You can predict that the city where this evil occurred will taste the wine of the wrath of God. People of God cannot take laws into their hands. God has a monopoly of violence. One innocent woman was killed , a whole city may have to pay for it. Remember, Bonke’s prophecy. Evil may prolong for some time , God who owns heaven and earth will arise and the enemies will be scattered. Mark it God’s wrath is imminent, within a short period of time.

    • The Holy Bible says, though hands joins to hands the wicked cannever go unpunished. We were only told that there was an argument and blasphemy which resulted to the beheading of an Igbo woman Christian but were not told what blasphemy she blasphemed on muslim prophet mohammed. One thing we were taught in Christhendon was never to fight for GOD for He GOD will definitely fight for Himself. Though it is becoming one killing too many. The case of Gideon Akaluka is too recent to be forgotten. Akaluka was an Igbo man who was beheaded by irate hausa muslim youths also in Kano for misusing koran. If MuslimS are truelly worshiping the Living GOD whose name is JEHOVAH the creator of heaven and earth, GOD who can do all things and has best method of chasetisement why bothering yourself over who blasphemed what. It is time our Muslim clerics over world should educate their adherants on this all important issue. God is God and cannot change. Let the solace of the husband of the beheaded woman be that the wife was murdered for standing on the SOLID ROCK and that Rock is JESUS. She may be dehumanised like Saint Stephen of the Holy Bible but great is hers in Heaven where JESUS reigns as KING and LORD. Theophilus Onuegbu Chuks

  3. Those people are foolish. I am a muslim and the Holy book (Holy Qur’an) does not teach violence among one another no matter who you are and what religion you are. God will sure judge them.


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