10 People Who Would Be Affected By Lagos State’s Newest Policy

And it was announced that Lagos State Government has banned buying and selling on road sides. As we all know that Lagos is a very busy city and most people hustle to get their daily bread. As this rule has been enforced, INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring to you the 10 set of hustlers that would be affected by this new rule:

1. Gala sellers

2. Soft drinks hawkers e.g lacasera, cocacola

3. Belts, sunglasses and wristwatch sellers

4. Household items hawkers e.g photoframes, shoe racks

5. Local Insecticides and rat killers sellers e.g ota piapia

6. Pepper, vegetables, yam and other food items sellers. Especially on the mile 12 -kosofe axis

7. Tools sellers e.g screwdrivers

8. People that wipe car windscreen for a token

9. Beggars, physically challenged and their helpers

10. The buyers of the above mentioned items.


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