10 Things You Should Throw Out of Your Life This Weekend



INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together a set of 10 things you should get rid of from your house and life this weekend for the sake of your health.

air fresh

Air fresheners; According to experts, air fresheners (solids, sprays, and plug-ins)  contain phthalates, a chemical, which in large doses may have harmful effects on reproduction or development.


Antibacterial soap; Triclosan, the active ingredient in antibacterial cleansers, and have experts say it has been shown to alter hormone regulation in animals, and there’s also concern that the chemical may contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Sodas; Studies have shown that non-caloric sweetenerssuch as saccharin (Sweet-n-Low), sucralose (Splenda), and aspartame (Equal) may mess with the gut bacteria that play a key role in healthy metabolism.


Frayed toothbrushes; Experts recommend that we change our tootbrushes every 3 months because that is when they start to fray. However, some Nigerians could use their toothbrushes for many months even years. Please, throw them out.


Aged long leftovers; Listeria, according to experts is linked to things like meningitis, miscarriages, and even death and it can grow to millions at refrigerator temperatures in under a week. So, don’t keep perishable foods too long in the refrigerator.

Old liquid makeup; Liquid makeup like mascara can harbor a lot of germs, so ladies, take a quick look into your makeup kit and throw those very old liquid makeup away NOW. Experts even say, those older than three months should be thrown away because each time you use mascara, you brush it and any germs onto your lashes, you also contaminate the brush with even more bacteria present on your skin or eyelashes, then plunge it into a moist room-temperature environment, which encourages bacterial growth.

Old cooking spices; Spices that have been in your kitchen for ages won’t add any flavour to your food, which is the real reason why we buy them. So, get rid of them now.


Old lip gloss; Experts warn that anything that’s used around your mouth collects a lot of bacteria quickly, and the longer the bacteria sits in a moist tube, the more it grows. This increases your chance of infection if it gets into a cut or crack on the delicate skin of your lips. So, get rid of the old ones in your kit.


Kitchen sponge; A lot of us are guilty of this one. We could use a kitchen sponge for ever and eternity and would only change it when we have looked for it for 2 days and can’t find it. Experts say that the kitchen sponge is the greatest germ collector in our kitchen so we should change them a lot more often.


Your chair; Experts say excessive sitting impacts the body’s metabolic system, and can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and depression. You can combat these, by reducing the number of hours you sit per day.

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