15 Laws Of Loving A Man The Right Way


Just like the proverbial adage that says where there is no law, there is no sin. INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby write on 15 laws on loving a man the right way.

1. Approaching him for intimacy.

2. Do Not remind him constantly about things or to-do lists.

3. No nagging.

4. Verbally say that you admire him.

5. Honor himm before the children.

6. Do Not correct himm in front of others

7. Do Not transfer your fears that he will treat you like your father treated her mother.

8. Understanding that God established his leadership over you.

9. Not acting like his mother, but like his wife.

10. Showing gratitude for the things that he does.

11. Flirt with him

12. Keeping your lives private and protecting your confidences.

13. Not manipulating him with sex.

14. Simply greeting him with a friendly “hello” and kiss when he arrives home.

15. Never belittling him to friends or family.

16. Not comparing him to another man.

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