6 Reasons Ladies Shave Their Pubic Hair

LADIES, why do you shave off your pubic hair? INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring to you 3 reasons why ladies shave, and also the appropriate thing to do when it comes to grooming.

1. Some women groom their public hair because it makes sex act better.

2. Most women shave their pubic hair because their partner preferred it

3. Some ladies groom when they have a medical appointment i.e when they are going to see the doctor.

4. Some women feel sexier when they groom

5. Some ladies shave their pubic hair for hygienic reasons.

6. Some women shave because they feel oral sex feels better when they groom.

Howver, pubic Hair has a purpose, while we are not saying you should not groom, we think you should not go overboard with it. pubic hair is there to protect important, delicate tissues. Some women, for example, have very sensitive labia, and removing the hair can leave the labia susceptible to injury.


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