Adele Hugs and Kisses A Nigerian Man On Stage


A Nigerian man flew all the way from Nigeria to Canada for Adele concert. After Adele learnt about him, she called him on stage and halfway through the concert, Adele pulled him on stage and after letting her know he flew all the way from Nigeria, she went for a hug, they both leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, probably, but ended up being an awkward half-kiss on the lips.
“Oh my god, I haven’t been kissed by another man in like six years!” “He just snogged me!” “Thank God my man ain’t here,” Adele joked about the incident and laughed it off.
“After the kiss I literally lost it,” he wrote on Twitter afterwards, adding that he’s “very lucky, very blessed.”
They both crowned it up with an unforgettable moment with a selfie.

Watch the video below.

Source: Youtube

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