Hungry Family Steals Man’s Pot Of Soup In Abuja

Ogbono soupIn what could evoke pity and underscores the hardships currently experienced by ordinary Nigerians, a man and his two children have allegedly stolen a pot of soup from the stove of a resident in Mpape, a slum in Abuja.

The incident happened along Mashafa road in the area earlier this week, Daily Trust reports.

The owner, identified only as Femi, said he was shocked when he emerged from inside his room, where he had just gone to get salt to add to the soup he was cooking, to find the man and his family already helping themselves to his pot of ogbono soup.

He said due to his astonishment, he could not do anything but watch as the family ravished his pot of soup with akpu (pounded cassava tubers), which he said they must have brought along with them.

“I was cooking in the compound and went into the room to get salt, that was when they took the pot of soup and before I could ask, they were already eating the soup with their akpu”, he said.

Femi explained that the man later apologised, blaming their predicament on hunger and lack of food to eat.

“I had no choice than to leave them with it, but they should not have taken everything”, Femi lamented.

He continued in Pidgin English, “The thing pained me. I am also managing and had to look for the money for that soup and they just took everything”.

He said he only asked them to return the pot after they had helped themselves with its content.

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