Kogi Denies Purchasing Cars For Political Appointees


The Kogi State Government has debunked the rumours flying around that it has purchased new cars worth N1 billion for political appointees in the state.

In a statement released on Sunday by the Special Adviser to the governor on Media and Strategy, Abdulkarim Abdulmalik, the government denied the report as false and that it has not bought any vehicle for political appointees as stated by the Audu/Faleke political organization.

The statement reads:
“Our attention have been drawn to a publication on the online news site- Sahara Reporters- where it was alleged that Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has spent 1 billion naira to purchased vehicles for the political appointees in the state.

“We had wanted to ignore the said publication, but on second thought, we felt it is proper to put the record straight ‎by telling the public that the allegations stated in the write-up are false and full of malicious content.

“For avoidance of doubt, Governor Bello, has not bought any vehicle for political appointees as erroneously stated by the Audu/Feleke political organization.

“The vehicle that the Chief of Staff to the Governor is using is his personal car and was not bought by the government for him.

“It is therefore pertinent to say that all the appointees of the Governor are yet to be given official vehicles and those who have were just using the old vehicles acquired and used by the immediate past government in the state.

“The vehicles purchased by the Local Government councils were bought on loans, which is to be paid back in twelve months.

“It is interesting to let the Faleke group know that the Ford vehicles purchased for Local Government Administrators are cheaper than the one used by the immediate past council Chairmen in the state.

“The vehicles in the Governors’ convoy, with the exception of two, belong to the Governor himself and that means he has been very mindful of exravagant spending as exhibited by some past leaders in the state, which has brought the state to the present pitiable situation.

“The People of the state are wondering why‎ some group of persons, who are members of All Progressive Congress, APC, have decided to constitute themselves to an opposition to the government in the state.

“One will be tempted to say that the attitude as well as the body language of the ‎Feleke group is evidence that they are blinded by their desperate moves to govern the state.

“If not so, they claimed to be part of the disciples of the late leader of APC in the state, Prince Abubakar Audu; why then have they not commented about the positive step taken by the Governor to name the State University after him?

“The People of the state are watching with utter disbelief the funny pretense of Faleke group against the positive steps taken so far by Governor Yahaya Bello in his bid to return the state to its past glory through his New Direction Agenda.”

“The Faleke group should be reminded that some were not poor before they came into Government as they were financially comfortable.

“It is very painful that the group to have misinformed the famous Sahara Reporters into publishing the falsehood.

“We, therefore, call on the right thinking persons who might have read the unfortunate write up to ignore the said publication for it is not worth any attention because it was a fabricated story.