Kwara Civil Service To Recruit More Workers


The Chairman of the Kwara State Civil Service Commission, Mr Salman Ibrahim, has said that more workers will be recruited into the commission as soon as there is an upgrade in the state finance.

Revealing this information on Sunday, Mr Ibrahim said that the commission had already identified vacancies in some ministries but could not recruit because of financial problem facing the state.

“We are working in line with directives from the government. Where there are critical shortages, the government will direct us since we have vacancies in some ministries; we will just work along that line.


“But this is only when the financial situation of the state improves because once there is budget constraints based on critical revenue shortage, it makes it difficult for any organisation to perform. “What affects the government affects us, once the budget constraint is there, you can’t say you want to recruit.

“Even where we have vacancies, we can’t go ahead to recruit because of fund constraints that is facing everyone.
“Once the situation improves, we will move to fill the vacancies identified in ministries, but without funds we can do almost nothing,’’ he explained.

On the achievement of the commission in the first half of 2016, he said it had successfully conducted promotion, adding that promotion letters would soon be released to those who passed.

“We have done well in the first half of the year as far as what is in the budget is concerned and what the statutory responsibility of the commission is all about,’’ Ibrahim added.


  1. why is it that retaired civil service workers in delta state are suffering? they find it difficult to pay them their pension, 70% don’t eat their pension money, they live and died without eating their pension why others in the pension office enjoy people’s pension. please government should help the poor civil service workers so that the can be enjoying what they have laboured for.


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