‘Laughing Gas’ Mix Up Kills Newborn Baby In Australia

A newborn baby has been reported dead after being given “laughing gas” instead of oxygen in a tragic mix-up at an Australian hospital.

The incident also caused another infant to be severely disabled.

A doctor raised the alarm after the baby boy died unexpectedly earlier this month, with tests revealing that an outlet in the wall at Sydney’s Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital was emitting nitrous oxide instead of oxygen.

Another baby is fighting for her life after being wrongly administered the incorrect gas in June.

New South Wales Health Minister Jillian Skinner, has ordered an investigation. She said she felt “profound sorrow” at the “tragic mistake”.

Skinner said she had no plans to resign.

If it was found that there was total negligence, something that I personally could have prevented, that might be when I would say I’ll resign but I’m not convinced that that’s the case in this situation,” she said.

The uncle of the dead baby, David Kharma, said the family were in shock at what had happened.
You can’t imagine living in a developed country in the 21st century and stuff like this happening,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


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