Lola Alao Explains to Fans Why She Converted to Islam



The newly converted Nollywood Actress, Lola Alao says Teslim (Islamic greeting) to all her muslim fans for the first time and explains to those fans who might have been hurt with her decision that she was born into an Islamic home, she only reverted to her root.

Actress Lola, who announces her Islamic name as Rhodia, went further to elucidate that her late father’s name is even an Islamic name, Lasisi Alao ( AbdulAzeez).

Rhodia Omolola Alao wrote on her wall:

“Salaam alykum to all my wonderful friends and fans, May Almighty Allaah grant u all your heart desires. I just want everyone to know that I was born into a Muslim home, my late father’s name is Lasisi Alao, so I reverted back to my root through Alhaji Yususf Adepoju ( Acadip) May Almighty Allaah bless him and all my wonderful friends and fans… Thanks, love you all… Rohdiat Omolola Alao Ajibola.”

She was heartily welcomed to Islam with lovely comments by her fans.

Source: Instagram


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